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  • Available in Mine specifications with Reverse Alarm, Brake, Tail, Indicator and Flashing Amber Beacons
  • Can be custom assembled to suit your requirements
  • Standard models are detailed below
  • SABS IP66 rated
  • Ultra low profile
  • Robust design to withstand tough conditions
  • Aerodynamically designed to reduce airflow resistance
  • Waterproof and vibration resistant
  • Very low current draw
  • Ability to include signage module
  • Ease of maintenance due to modular design
  • Curved LED Cluster Lens for increased visibility from a greater distance
  • 180° vertical light output
  • 360° horizontal light output
  • LEDs rated at 100,000 operational hours
  • Can be customised to your requirements, including flash pattern, colours and length
  • Available in standard models for easy ordering
  • Small versions available in Magnetic Base w/ cig lighter adapter option
  • Also available with Rotating Beacon option


  • SABS IP66 Rated
  • Height 65mm (excluding optional mounting feet)
  • Width 200mm
  • Lengths: Starting at 164mm and increasing in approximately 75mm increments
  • Custom sizes and configurations available for order
  • LED Modules available in Amber, Red, Green, Clear, Blue & Magenta
  • LED Modules also available in coloured LEDs with clear lens configurations
  • Each LED Module has 4 x 1 Watt LEDs integrated into the lens
  • End Caps have 8 x 1 Watt LEDs integrated into the lens with 45 degree offsets
  • Modules are Epoxy Potted for protection of electronic components
  • Other module options include reversing alarms, rotating beacons, dual level LEDs
  • Available in 12 VDC or 24 VDC
  • Various flash patterns available including programmable option
  • Operating temperature from -10°C to 85°C


  • Aluminium casing top and bottom
  • Polycarbonate UV stabilised lenses
  • Epoxy coated PC board
  • Rubber pads to isolate vibration and protect the roof of the vehicle
  • Different control options available including push button